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Tips for coping with anxiety while working.

Having anxiety is tough all the time but putting yourself out of your comfort zone and into a work place is stressful no matter what your job.

My businesses are public facing which when your struggling with germ phobia and ocd isn’t the easiest place to be.

I struggle with listening to people complain as n a selfish way I feel like saying your complaint is nothing compared to what I’m suffering with, but I don’t as I know to some off  them there daily chats in the store are the only social interaction they get.

Things that have helped me over the years I have been struggling and haven’t been able to hide away due to short staff or meeting that are arranged are:

:to know what time I’m leaving I try not to stick religiously to the same time but to have a estimated time I will be leaving work/meetings helps as I find routine changes very hard.

:always wear something I feel comfortable in. Hard if you have a uniform for work but even to have a comfortable pair of shoes helps when your stood on your feet.

:at times when your feeling overwhelmed practise breathing exercises. I often feel very anxious if I’m in a store alone and a large queue starts to build, I feel my body start to flush, my head begins to go woozy and my pulse races. My initial reaction is to run ask everyone to leave lock the door and hide but that’s  not the answer as I cant do that when I’m working so to practise the deep breathing helps.

I breath in through my nose for 5 and out through my mouth for 5 this just helps to settle my mind and brig me back to the moment.

: If your able to have a sip of a drink just enough to wet your mouth this helps to calm and reassure your body it tricks your body into thinking your ok and safe. When we have a panic attack or a adrenaline flushes as the blood rushes to our organs to give us the energy to run due to our body thinking we are in danger our mouth dry’s out. If we was in trouble and in a situation of danger we wouldn’t be able to stop and take a drink, so that motion of having a drink helps to trick our body into thinking were safe.

:During the hot weather panic attacks and anxiety are no fun, you feel hotter and sweatier than normal add in the hot flushes and you feel like your about to faint, Its not always feasible to run off to the bathroom to splash yourself with cold water but I find carrying a small travel spray bottle with cold water in a quick spray during the hot flushes on your face or wrists helps to take away the faint feeling.

:Open up to your manager or your work colleagues if you can. They will be able to offer you support and be understanding should there be a situation you need to take 5 minutes to calm down. It may seem nerve wracking but even as someone who suffers with serve anxiety I have staff approach me regarding there mental health and they always feel happier to know that there is people who understand and a plan is in place should they need it.

:Remember you wont die, yep your going to feel like you will, your going to feel like your so ill while your having the attack but once you

acknowledge what is happening to you

stop take a deep breath

have a drink

it will pass the panic attack will hit a peak once its hit the peak it will start to trail off and the symptoms will slowly disappear, the quicker you acknowledge the attack the faster he recovery will happen.

:In times I’m really struggling I use rescue remedy its part of my safety kit in my bag.

Remember your not alone, your not suffering on your own and things will get better.





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Dear me…

Your to hard on yourself,your mind’s so troubled your bodies so tired yet your still her your still breathing still living,still working. You should be so proud. So proud of what you’ve achieved,you’ve achieved more than people with no illness yet your days are so dark.

Time is gone in a flash and people are robbed from us in seconds yet your stuck, stuck in your anxiety bubble unable to breath, eat and care for yourself yet your functioning and that’s amazing. No one knows how ill you are. To the world your a successful business woman with privileges one could only dream of. Yet your scared you can’t live your dreams your stuck. You life’s stopped still it can’t move forward your family can’t grow you have no friends yet you have so much to give.Your forgot in time.

The worlds just moving yet your living stood still. But who’s going to take that step and what step will it be to move forward and live or to stay this way and die…..