cbt and nhs therapist

I’ve had cbt before it was great the lady was lovely we total clicked and she understood me and my strange OCD issues. Unfortunately we’ve moved area and I had to go to a new service well to say it was a interesting first appointment would be a understatement.

The NHS is amazing but there mental health support in my area sucks. Unless your a danger to yourself or others you have no chance of airport other than a few sessions with the local support team.

So off I go after the go recommended I attend the local centre. I thought what’s to loose let’s try.😀

:your anxious, your minds running over time

:you feel vulnerable

:feel like people will laugh at you and your world in your head

Well yes it went terrible.

I’m sat in this small sweaty hot room with a lady I’ve never met who keeps looking at her watch quietly frankly is obviously counting down the time to dinner

After asking me a million and one questions on a questionnaire that didn’t really relate to me she then asks me why I’m there. I say “don’t you have my notes I’ve already had a telephone consultation” she’s looks blankly at me. I guess not I mutter

As I start to tell her my issues she’s keeps asking have you had cbt before I don’t know what will work so we will go down the same route as before. 😳 You obviously have lots of issues I only have space for 8 sessions so I’ll see what I can do.  Shocked was a understatement yes I’ve anxiety and OCD and food issues but there all linked together.

Out I walked after she tried to book another appointment straight on the phone to the gp to ask for a private referral. She agreed so I wait to see how this will go…….

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