I’m a mummy to a beautiful little boy who is mine and his dads world. I’m also run some successful business with my husband.

My little boy is home schooled so we spend all our time learning and growing together its was the best choice for him and makes him so happy. he is a massive technology fan and loves gaming anything from Minecraft to skylanders to Lego and Mario we have them all and there the main topic of conversation in our house from morning till night. He is  usually counting down till the next new game launches or researching  different strategies on the internet.

I on the other hand suffer with serve anxiety ocd which has triggered a eating disorder (infect I’m just a mess) but unless you know me very well this is all hidden behind a front I’ve learnt to put on. roughly 3 months ago I suffered a nervous breakdown I’ve been anxious for as far back as I can remember but have mostly managed to keep it under control but this time I have found it so overwhelming my head feels like cotton wool and I have developed anxiety so serve that I dot know how I get out of bed some days.

I’m currently having treatment although most of it we have had to pay privately for. a the nhs doesn’t seem to offer much in ways of treatment local to me.

This is definitely  going to be one of the hardest most bumpy years of my life. who knows where this will end.

As well as the ups and don of my mental health which will be very honest posts my blog will be full of happy pictures and our home schooling  journey..

3 thoughts on “Me……

  1. Fox says:

    I feel you there. I used to homeschool my kids and will be again soon, but my anxiety is pretty severe, to the degree that I now have a service dog for anxiety and PTSD. It definitely adds to the challenges of homeschooling. Just try and remember to keep it a day at a time, and know your own limits. More than anything, don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it.

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