oh gosh

Oh gosh I’m nearly 30!!!!

I don’t know where times gone. Life’s just flown by usually I’m so excited for birthdays but  9 months away and I’m dreading this birthday.

It feels like such a milestone a birthday where I thought I’d have this wonderful fairy tale life the kind you see on a Disney movie although I’m sure to look at from a outsider prospective I have all this

but still I’m crippled with serve Anxiety and ocd an a eating disorder the one Ray of sunshine is my amazing little boy who brightens up my world.

Follow my blog as we tick of my bucket list and how I come to terms with turning 30.

The anti wrinkle creams already purchased and the 1st grey hair has popped.

I think this could be a bumpy ride. Hold on tight.

3 thoughts on “oh gosh

  1. Fox says:

    I feel you on this. 35 was supposed to be my big year but my birthday came and went with almost no notice. That was my “no more babies” year when I was supposed to start celebrating my life past the baby days. It’s rough when you have an expectation, yet don’t feel like you’ll make it before that landmark.


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