mummy loves you….

Dear baby boy


I’m so sorry I’m so poorly. I try so hard I really do. when your asleep I lie next to you with tears dripping down my face. I feel I cant be the mum I used to be or I dream of being.

You always tell me how I’m the best mum how much you love me. your so strong for mummy you hold my hand when I’m anxious and always ask how I am. You sit with me when I’m sad and encourage me to eat when you see I’m struggling. someday I’m so tired inside so tired of trying so hard to be the mum I used to be before this ugly illness joined our life.

I’m now the mum I used to feel sorry for people having. but what I didn’t realise when I did that was what you tell me all the time that you love me no matter what and I’m the best mum to you…

I wish I could do all the things we used to do but I cant I cant go to crowded paces or eat out but I can play with you at the park, read stories with you, teach you to grow veg,bake cakes with you.

one day ill be a normal mum but to you I know you don’t see anything different in me you just see your mummy who loves you so much.




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