Go away anxiety

I wish it would go away…


I struggle to leave the house. I only go out to nip to work ( I own my own business’s with staff) even tat I a military operation. its easier during winter as I can wear my scarfs and gloves I’m already dreading summer. I struggle so much with germs my business are not the best choice as there dealing face to face with the public everyday of the year.

I dream of the day I can run away and live somewhere more isolated and self sufficient with minimal contact with people. I know this is just my anxiety feeding this because the other half of me wants to travel and see the world.

I’m so restricted by my anxiety the furthest I can go is work I don’t even stand in the queue at the bank.

Our weather has been so awful we cant even get out in the garden or to walk. Many days are being spent sat in front of the sad lamp.

the last few day have been really bad I’ve struggled to sleep and eat and had very bad muscle aches de to tension.


ive found some natural things that help take the edge of the days when there really bad.

ill make a blog post soon with them all.

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