I’m struggling to eat so much at the moment. all my safe foods have now become a risk and the only things I can manage are homemade soup, homemade bread and fruit loaf cracker cheese and porridge.

its hard I’m struggling with feeling sick I’m struggling with the though of germs near my food.


last week I invested in some nelsons nux vom I used to use it as a teenager. I like it because its homeopathic and natural. The days I’ve been desperate I’ve taken it and its eased the symptoms a little to help m manage to eat a small meal or snack. my weight is sitting around 7st8 (I’ve never been big my frame is petite) but I know I need to gain weight.

I’ve recently been told about a nhs inpatient programme that treats germ ocd and other types of serve anxiety and ocd. but they wont see you if you are underweight so before I ask for a referral I know I have to increase my weight. its so hard with the nhs in my area there nothing unless your suicidal. I’ve a appointment with my private physiatrist in a couple of days let see where this goes.

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