mental health care

I’m now two moths in to seeing a private physiatrist. I’m no where nearer any treatment other than him trying push antidepressants on me (which I’m to scared to take and keep telling him this) I already take a beat blocker I don’t feel I can take anything else right now he  when he went on to say that he’s sure they probably wont help but jut need to rule them out.

sometimes it feels there’s no way to turn. no where to go for help and that I’m just stuck..

he suggested inpatient but at £11,000 for two weeks not many people have that disposable income available no mater how desperate they are. I asked for a nhs referral but he didn’t seem to keen and suggested phycologist treatment at £100 a time. I cant help but feel sad that everything cost o much money for mental illness yet if I was physically ill id be treated for free.

I’m going back to the gp to discuss this with them. I cant be the only person struggling in ur area yet I feel like I am its like no treatment is out there. ive had cbt before through the women’s centre but again or services have been cut and the wait is long.

I’m off to look into services in our area.


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