After being pushed by my little boy who had seen a article in the news about hypnotherapy and anxiety (hes only 6 hes my little cheerleader) i rang up and made a appointment. ekk!!!

The day came and with a bit of a push  i got out the car (yes i asked my mum to drop me off even at 29). i was met by a lovely lady who asked about why i was coming and what i hoped it would help. i explained i was really open minded and explained all my problems relating to my anxiety and ocd.. I felt really relaxed as she was so lovely and understanding and had experienced a phobia and hypnotherapy had really helped her.i find its always best when your being treated by someone who understand so of what your going through because they have been there them self.

the first session was a short hypnosis she explained what would happen and how it was a deeper relaxation than meditation. it was quite a strange feeling for me to relax my body so deeply i didn’t realise how much tension i carried especially in my shoulders ribs and thighs.

after she brought me back into the room i still felt deep relaxed but very calm. The rest of the day i felt calm until night when the anxiety hit very serve.

since my appointment i have made a conscious effort to practise mindfulness there has been quite a lot of situations especially at work where  i would usually not be able to handle but instead i have taken a breath and worked through. yes i’m still very anxious yes i still have really bad germ anxiety and life’s a struggle but for those few minutes everyday i have been able to breath a little easier.

im going back for another appointment so hopefully those odd minutes of sunshine might turn into 5 minutes one day..

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