Ever felt lost???

I think most people feel this at some point but pretend we all pretend to live that perfect life to the outside world. when really we should share more maybe less of us would struggle if those fake perfect pictures of those perfect pretend life’s people display on social media weren’t out there for us to see and compare our life’s to. when in reality most people will at one time struggle will wonder why there still here and will want to run and keep running.

From the outside I look like I got everything and I know people think well how can she feel like that how can she be anxious I’ve also been told your not as bad as me to manage to go to work. Hey guys its not a competition no one can judge what anyone else feels in fact the truth is you don’t see or feel the melt down from holding it together enough to keep my business running cos I have over 30 staff relying on me.

I’ve challenged my self a little this week I’m a very guarded person and don’t often share what’s going on for me inside but I saw a lady on a parenting forum I use who status made me so sad and I reached out to her to check she was ok. it turns out se wasn’t she was struggling just like I am but maybe her knowing that that someone she doesn’t know and has never spoken to cares enough to ask she’s ok might just lift her feelings of dread and anxiety for those little moments.

I was approached by a customer today one I used to speak to regular who asked where I had been. I usually say busy at another store but this time I decided to tell the truth I explained I had sever anxiety the look on there face when I told them was worthy of a picture. they couldn’t believe it a I came across so confident and friendly they said. turns out they suffered badly hen they were around my age.

so next time you log in to social media and see these perfect life’s remember nothing is perfect everything has cracks and at sometime everything will break it just how you deal with it that make the pretty picture.




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