Dear me…

Your to hard on yourself,your mind’s so troubled your bodies so tired yet your still her your still breathing still living,still working. You should be so proud. So proud of what you’ve achieved,you’ve achieved more than people with no illness yet your days are so dark.

Time is gone in a flash and people are robbed from us in seconds yet your stuck, stuck in your anxiety bubble unable to breath, eat and care for yourself yet your functioning and that’s amazing. No one knows how ill you are. To the world your a successful business woman with privileges one could only dream of. Yet your scared you can’t live your dreams your stuck. You life’s stopped still it can’t move forward your family can’t grow you have no friends yet you have so much to give.Your forgot in time.

The worlds just moving yet your living stood still. But who’s going to take that step and what step will it be to move forward and live or to stay this way and die…..

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