I’ve not posted for a week or so. life’s been hectic and anxiety has been high. I’ve taken over another business and been busy organising post offices and refit and audits y minds been pretty much cotton wool. The spar time I have had has been spent completing the last few assignments for my nutrition and mental health course and spending time with my son.

Anxiety wise things are pretty much as bad as they were I’ve started a diary to track my symptoms to see if there related to my hormones and am planning to go to see someone who specialise in this problem is we live up north and most seem to be based in London not great when you have severe germ anxiety. I’m struggling to eat anything other than dry food and porridge so am loosing weight I am supplementing in t my diet build up drinks. my gp sent a referral of for a nhs physiatrist appointment as I would like to attend inpatient or day patient at a ocd clinic she recommended. I’ve sacked the private physiatrist I felt like he just wanted my money and we never moved forward.

I’ve lots to share on my blog about the last few weeks so hopefully I can update soon.


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