Beauty talk

Heading towards summer the few days that we have and the few days were predicted to have. I panicked I’m pretty pale and I’m to anxious to go abroad to anxious to sit in the sun ( you get the jist) so what better way to get a tan than try a new fake tan. 

Selfie tan was top on my list it’s was recommended to me and to be honest was on offer online on tkmaxx when I happened to be doing a order it arrived and I decided to put in on in a morning… 

bad move the guide colour was live I’d be rolled in varnish I arrived to work my husband said I looked like I had a serious skin condition that’s after I’d applied make up over the top. My own fault for thinking I’d not follow instructions. 

Washing it off in the shower late after the guide colour was finished away it left a lovely non streaky sun kissed glow. 

Would I recommend it?? Yes 

I used the medium to dark I have brown hair but once the guide colour was washed of I didn’t find it to dark and would say two coats would give you the perfect holiday glow. 

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