When it all just clicks .. 

The light bulb moment when it all just clicks. Why do I do this to myself my I’m ill I’m burnout and aI’m struggling to enjoy everyday is just a push to get through. 

So bows my time to take back control no one can help me there isn’t any surpport or any magical cure in my own expert( I should be the amount of years and books,hours I’ve spent researching every way to help myself. 

I’m here I’m ready to conquer this one big lifestyle change is my job I need to change move away from retail I’ve never loved it I just fell in to it to support my partner after my career as a ballet dancer was cut short due to devolving chronic fatigue. My life scarily replays it’s self it’s a never ending circle of recovery and relapse but this time I’m her and I’m ready. 

I love cooking I make healing organic soups and halal soups my dream would be to launch this product as there’s nothing available in the market currently. I currently sell them in my stores I need to move away from them they bring me down even more than I bring my self down. 

I’ve started having Alexander technique lessons to help with my injurys from dancing and realine my posture and I’ve recently started working through cure your emetophobia & thrive by rob kelly. I hope to blog about my recovery and experience using the book. 

For now I’m here I’m ready for recovery and a change in life.. 

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