Teeth issues

I’ve always eaten health looked after my teeth, went to the dentist regularly but still I’ve ended up with fillings and root canals. I suffer with Tmj which can be really painful. It causes me to have neck pain jaw and face pain esoucalky round the eye socket and ear pain, I have a muscle lump next to my ear  that is caused from excessive grinding. Now I have a splint i have days where the pain is a little less. 

I vist the dentist every 6 months but still I need fillings at nearly every appointment I’m starting to think why me. So after speaking with the dentist and making sure my diet is good and low sugar. The dentist said I have weak tooth enamel. He recommended I try regenerate toothpaste and regenerate enamel serum. 

Lucky for me there were on offer at boots and were delivered in 3 days. I’ve been using them both for just over s month now and I have started to notice my teeth are less sensitive I plan to continue to use the products fingers crossed my next appointment is good news. I’ll keep everyone updated.